Carnegie Mellon University Biochemistry Laboratory

Location: Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania
Completion: 2015
Project Area:  2,200 ft2
Services: Architecture, Planning, Laboratory Design, Interior Design

In an ongoing relationship with Carnegie Mellon University, and the Mellon College of Science, IKM is regularly retained to provide laboratory design services for the Mellon Institute to accommodate new researchers and/or existing faculty that have need for additional research space based on newly acquired grant funding.

This project entailed the conversion existing university space into an instrumentation / biochemistry lab. In addition, a renovation of the existing portion of biochemistry labs, offices, conference room & kitchen were included in the scope.  The lab is equipped with both Mossbauer spectrometers as well as a Raman spectrometer and other equipment.  The conversion space had no existing services and had to support not only the primary researcher’s space but also a future collaborative/shared instrumentation space.  Integrating MEP systems into these spaces while creating spaces that harnessed natural daylight and maximized transparency was a challenge but led to an end product that enhances the investigator’s comfort and ability to accomplish their science.

The result is  a successfully updated space, designed to advance biochemistry research, that meets the needs of today’s brightest scientists.