Carnegie Mellon University Mellon Institute Lab Renovations

Location: Pittsburgh,  PA
Completion: 2012
Project Area: 22,000 ft2
Services: Architecture

IKM was retained to provide architectural design services for the renovation of lab spaces in the south west of the existing 8th floor of the Mellon Institute into a pyrophoric lab space, for Dr. Kevin Noonan that includes flexible lab benches, seven fume hoods, an instrument room, an office, student areas, and a break room.

Dr. Noonan recently worked as a NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University where he was involved in research for fuel cells. At CMU, his research is at the interface of synthetic materials chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry with a focus on catalysis.

The lab is designed to provide different controlled environments for the creation of new polymeric compounds. All areas are designed for maximum laboratory safety with a hazardous exhaust system added to provide safety in emergency situations.

The architecture of the space capitalized on the high ceilings and windows available. The extensive exhaust system required was integrated into the design to meet specific exhausting and ventilation needs as well as to allow maximum daylight into the space.

IKM coordinated the design of the Noonan Laboratory with several other renovation projects scheduled to occur in the Mellon Institute in order to provide the University with the most efficient space utilization and HVAC systems.