Erie County Medical Center Center for Excellence Kidney Care and Transplantation

Location: Buffalo,  New York
Completion: 2011
Project Area: 36,000 ft2
Services: Architecture, Planning

IKM Incorporated, as part of a joint venture team, was retained by the Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMCC) to program, plan and design a new Center of Excellence for Kidney Care and Transplantation. Combining renovated hospital space with new construction this project provides a new outpatient renal clinical service program, a vascular access center, a dedicated renal inpatient nursing unit and an inpatient dialysis center all located on the existing ECMCC campus.

The centerpiece of this initiative is a free-standing outpatient chronic hemodialysis center connected to the existing ECMCC Hospital. This 4-story building includes 3 floors of 12,000 SF medical office space. This freestanding building incorporates 36 hemodialysis chairs, outpatient education and community outreach offices, home dialysis training, and all associated clinical support spaces. The center is connected to the existing hospital via a newly constructed corridor.

Renovated spaces in the existing hospital include: outpatient renal clinic, vascular access center, renal inpatient nursing unit, and inpatient acute dialysis.

The Outpatient Renal Clinic will provide outpatient services to the pre-and-post transplant patient population. This scope of work includes (9) exam rooms, (2) treatment rooms, patient waiting/reception areas, administrative offices and physician work spaces, and the associated support spaces.

The Vascular Access Center includes two outpatient procedure rooms and an ultrasound room to support the chronic hemodialysis center. Dedicated patient and clinical support spaces will be provided, including reception/waiting areas.

The Renal Inpatient Nursing Unit is a 24-bed nursing unit to support the kidney transplant population as well as other acute renal patients. This single nursing unit will be located on a floor of existing med-surg private and semi-private patient rooms. All existing patient rooms are being demolished and replaced with new, state-of-the-art single-patient rooms, including 2 multi-acuity patient rooms. Staff and clinical support functions will be located on the floor as well as a dedicated family lounge and restrooms.

A 6-bay Inpatient Acute Dialysis Center will support the renal inpatient nursing unit with dedicated clinical support spaces and an infection isolation bay.