Forbes Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Location: Monroeville,  Pennsylvania
Completion: 2015
Project Area: 21,800 ft2
Services: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Galvanized by recent traumatic events in their community, the leadership at Forbes Hospital made the Intensive Care Unit project a priority and set about to make it a reality. As the architects for the Hospital, the IKM design team engaged the hospital team to layout what Forbes has called, “the heart of the trauma center.1

Due to its designation as a trauma center, Forbes Hospital frequently experiences need for additional intensive care unit beds. This project converts an underutilized area on the hospital’s 6th floor to a 20-bed ICU. This major expansion includes a new 14,800 square foot 20-bed ICU and renovation of an existing 7,000 square foot 13-bed intensive care unit.

With the new facility, Forbes Hospital is able to care for “pretty much all patients who would come through [the] emergency room,” according to the ICU medical director. The ICU will serve patients with severe medical issues, post and pre surgery, and the most critically injured patients.

Each patient room is private and averages 270 square feet in size. The unit is divided into 4 neighborhoods and each neighborhood has a central nurse station.  There are 10 satellite nurse stations, one for every two patients.  The IKM design team also included two family waiting rooms to allow for families to have some degree of separation.

“Now with [the] new ICU, the patients who come and their families will see the level of commitment of [the] system, leadership and to our trauma center,” said the Forbes Trauma Medical Director.