Hershey Trust Research Incubator

Location: Hershey,  PA
Completion: 2006
Project Area: 75,000 ft2
Services: Planning, SD

In order to confirm basic feasibility, employ a development partner and establish a fast track schedule, the Milton Hershey School Trust engaged IKM Incorporated Architects to prepare a program document, preliminary design concept and conceptual opinion of cost for a new 75,000 square foot incubator research lab facility.

The desired program elements include wet laboratory research and technologies laboratories for researchers conducting biomedical research as the predominant use; core animal laboratories for rodents; core research facilities; shared laboratory support facilities such as cold rooms, warm rooms, hot rooms, dark rooms, equipment rooms, microscope rooms and tissue culture rooms; research offices; administrative and support spaces; and common areas.

As the first building in a new University Research Park, IKM is also charged with developing the overall design guidelines such as materials, signage, conditions and restrictions for future development in the park.