Lancaster General Hospital Orthopedic Center Patient Unit

Location: Lancaster, PA
Completion: 2004
Services: Architecture

Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania determined that they could improve patient care and the outcomes of their orthopedic patients if they pulled that service line into a separate, yet co-joined facility.  They retained IKM to design a state of the art Orthopedic Specialty Hospital that would redefine the standard of care for the community.  The project reshapes the hospital’s image by creating a grander, more hospitality-like entry  reflective of it’s vision for healthcare and commitment to the community.

The new Fourth Floor patient units are made up of two nursing units, a 18-bed total joint unit and a 24-bed general orthopedic unit. A new dedicated physical and occupational therapy suite was developed adjacent to the joint unit as support for the “Joint Camp” approach to orthopedic patient care.

The private patient rooms have hospitality accoutrements of an inlaid wood look floor, armoire, comforter and higher end finishes.  The rooms are zoned into a family/caregiver zone, patient zone and staff zone.  The family zone includes a sleep chair, independent lighting and data port.  The patient rooms are laid out around the perimeter with a central nursing/support core.

Nursing care is delivered using a hybridized model.  A primary team station is near the unit entry where the Unit Clerk works. Consults and dictation occur in a discreet room off of this station.  Other nurse work areas are distributed through the core and interspaced with support functions.