Memorial Hospital of York – Emergency Department Expansion/Renovation

Location: York,  Pennsylvania 
Completion: 2009
Project Area: 12,000 ft2
Services: Architecture, Interior Design

This renovation of Memorial Hospital’s Existing Emergency Department corrects circulation patterns, increases patient privacy, and expands into adjacent space abandoned by other projects within the Hospital in order to accommodate the increase in the number of patients the Hospital has been experiencing. The total area is 12,000 square feet.

This project was built so that the Department could remain operational at all times.

Three triage rooms are located so as to provide visualization of the Waiting Room, Ambulatory Patient Entrance and the entrance into main area of the Department. This hospital stations a medical doctor in the triage area so that some patients are treated within the P.I.T. (Physician In Triage) and sent home without entering the main area of the Emergency Department. This hospital has found this to be a significant patient satisfier and gives them the ability to treat more patients with less space.

There are 20 exam/treatment rooms in the main area of the Department all of which are flexible to be able to accommodate all types of patients. Two are designated as gynecology rooms, two as mental health rooms, and one as an infectious isolation room.

In addition to the exam/treatment rooms an area of the Department has an open multiple-bed area with 5 treatment cubicles each with a minimum of 80 square feet. This area is the “FastER” where short visit treatments occur.