St. Clair Hospital Interventional Radiography Suite

Location: Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania
Completion: 2014
Project Area: 8,535 ft2
Services: Architecture, Planning , Interior Design 

IKM Incorporated was commissioned to design an interventional radiology suite to augment the medically intensive services this community hospital offers.  The new suite is housed within the existing footprint of the hospital as part of the radiology department. This project was divided into 4 different phases to permit departmental operations to continue.

Phase 1 of the renovation included the removal of existing equipment and installation of new Siemens Artis Zee equipment in its place, expansion of the existing control room to support the updated equipment and expansion of the existing patient holding area in place of an underutilized x-ray room. The patient holding area was increased by 4 patient holding bays, an ADA toilet/changing room, a changing room and a nurse’s station.

Phase 2 of the renovation included sub phases A, B, C and D that were broken into separate areas of work, but simultaneously constructed. Phase 2A included the design of Interventional Radiography Room to support the state of the art Siemens Zeego equipment in an environment comparable to an OR Suite, a recovery room with 5 patient holding bays, a nurse’s station, storage room and ADA patient toilet/dressing room.

Phase 2B included modification of infrastructure to support a relocated Fluoroscopy room. The work for this phase was completed in portions isolated with ICRA barriers to maintain the path of egress and permit a clean corridor. The design for this phase also included the renovation to the existing reception area, a clean supply room, staff changing area, physician office and consultant room.

Phase 2C included the renovation of the existing private corridor serving the IR Room and IR Prep/Recovery. The final stage of this phase included a new air handling unit placement on the roof of the IR Suite.

Phase 3 included the renovation in the Existing Fluoroscopy room, leaving existing equipment in place, relocating the control desk, expanding the room size and installing new room finishes. A new corridor was also constructed during this phase as well as the construction of new patient areas.

Phase 4 included the construction of additional patient areas dedicated to the expanded Fluoroscopy room.
The fully renovated space, designed by IKM improves patient flow and provides treatment space to accommodate the hospital’s operational demands.