Summa Health System Orthopaedic Hospital

Location: Akron, OH
Project Area: 135,000 ft2
Services: Programming, Planning, Architecture

IKM was selected in a competitive process to program, plan and design a new Orthopaedic Center of Excellence for a joint venture of a major Midwest hospital system and one of the largest orthopaedic physician practices in their region. Having recently completed state-of-the-art orthopaedic facilities, IKM offered a competitive knowledge-base of expertise over the other firms being considered.

Upon its completion, this project will set the standard for orthopaedic care in the region. The program calls for approximately 78 private room in-patient beds, 12 operating rooms, six radiology rooms, an MRI and all of the associated support spaces for a facility of this type.

The new 12 Operating Room Suite will be organized with an equal number of rooms on either side of a sterile core to provide an added level of infection control and a location where the case carts can be staged, to facilitate quick room turnover. The multi-boomed operating rooms will be designed for fully digitized equipment with cameras in the light heads as well as throughout the room giving complete visual access of the surgical field to observers at remote locations. The information management system will allow for automated room set-up specific to an individual surgeon as well as the ability to send still and video images to all web enabled locations for consultation.

In addition, the project includes a musculoskeletal lab for research and testing. The research labs and testing area have specific infrastructure needs and are designed to support a defined list of equipment. The Bio Skills Lab will have four work spaces each with a stainless steel specimen table, overhead surgical light(s), a flat screen monitor and equipment boom.  This space will be used as a teaching lab for conducting arthroscopic procedures on specimens and is digitally connected to residency classrooms.

The clients are seeking an architecturally distinctive facility that will differentiate the Center from the Hospital campus. The preliminary scope comprises 135,000 square feet of new construction and a project cost in the $40-$50 million range.