VA Erie Ambulatory Surgery

Location: Erie,  Pennsylvania
Completion: 2015
Project Area: 10,000 ft2
Market: Healthcare
Services: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design 

The new Ambulatory Surgery Department was created by an addition on the south façade of the existing VA Erie Medical Center facility.  The planning and conceptual design considered the functional layout of the primary space clusters: ORs, Pre/Post Op, PACU, Endoscopy/procedure, and staff support. These were organized in a pattern to promote efficient flow of patients, staff and material.

Due to the terrain of the site, the main entrance is the existing second-level entrance, it was included in the renovation portion of the project and was required to remain operational during the construction of the addition.  This work was performed in phases to allow for construction to continue while maintaining patient and staff access to the main building.

The building envelope consists of brick with punched openings incorporating translucent fiberglass wall panels and a storefront window system.  Located within five miles of Lake Erie, this facility is impacted by the northern weather conditions including lake-effect snow, which is three times the amount of snow the average US city receives, approximately 77 inches per year. Design considerations address the insulation from the cold weather and accommodate snow-load requirements for the region. The translucent fiberglass wall panels allow for diffuse natural light to fill the Waiting, Operating Rooms and adjacent support space.

The main corridor system connecting this addition/renovation to the rest of the campus remains the primary route for inpatient traffic flow. The ambulatory patients typically park on this side of campus and their experience is contained and focused within the addition/renovation. The patients do not need to navigate through the rest of the sprawling campus to receive outpatient services. This project is approximately 10,000 SF of renovated and new space.