War on Terror Memorial

Location: Hermitage, PA
Completion: 2006
Services: Architecture, Planning

With these monuments we pause as we seek the memories of all those who gave their lives in the just cause for freedom against fear – in our war against terror which strives to take away our freedoms and liberties as Americans.

We shall never forget them. In our hearts and in our memories they will live with honor and dignity. May they all live in peace. Their memories will be reflected in each of our lives as we visit this special place where each name is etched upon the simple and elegant gray glass monuments – reflecting the beauty and majesty of the red, white and blue of our nations flag.

These elegantly simple double-sided gray glass monuments stand in silent witness before us and the sky and heavens above. Each name is etched into the reflective glass. Each name is honored with the images of the many flags waving from above.

The stainless and sleek glass of the panels express the steel resolve of their efforts and the clarity of their names and their place of honor.

The monuments arrayed around a fountain with soothing sounds of water will create a place of tranquility and peace.

The intention of the place and its construction is simple, but its message is strong and compelling. This is a place of transparency and reflection and deep contemplation. It is a place for remembrance and respect for all those named who gave the ultimate sacrifice and gift in defending our country against terror.