West Penn Parking Garage

Location: Pittsburgh,  PA
Completion: 1996
Project Size: 383 Cars
Services: Architecture

Initially, the community surrounding this garage objected to the idea of putting a parking structure in their neighborhood. IKM was particularly sensitive to their concerns while developing the design and sought input from representative groups.

This six level parking garage was designed to accommodate 383 cars in the Bloomfield suburb of Pittsburgh. The garage consists of one and a half levels below grade and four and a half levels above grade. While somewhat large in scale, this garage is designed to be sensitive to its contextual surroundings at the same time meeting an immediate need for added parking.

Material selections in a red brick precast exterior wall panels and decorative metal grilles on the punched open areas recall detailing of nearby older neighborhood buildings. Not only does the parking garage provide much needed parking to hospital staff and overflow parking for visitors, but also it provides parking for patrons and supports local small businesses in the community.

Since its completion, the project has been widely accepted by the community as an asset and has received numerous accolades for its sensitive design. In addition, this project has become the model used by the local parking authority as an attractive way to design a garage particularly when future facilities are being contemplated.