West Virginia University Medicine Specialty Pharmacy

Location: Morgantown,  West Virginia
Completion: 2016
Project Area: 12,500 ft2
Services: Architecture, Planning, Interior Design 

With the goal of expanding market share and market reach of their specialty pharmaceutical services, West Virginia University Medicine explored the option of an off campus facility. Co-mingling the normal outpatient pharmaceutical needs with that of their growing specialty component within the limited square footage of their main outpatient pharmacy was also creating certain challenges from a facility and staffing perspective and provided further incentive to look for alternate solutions. This decision is consistent with a national trend towards creating free-standing specialty pharmacies that can efficiently and effectively be organized with ease of access for couriers and mail order functionality. The Advisory Board Company recently has reported that their research has indicated that these free standing specialty pharmacies improve care continuity, decrease cost of care and improve the revenue stream.

WVU Medicine decided to invest in its own specialty pharmacy to better manage their patients’ medications keeping those patients within their system as well as recruiting new business of patients outside of the system and into the mail order component of the specialty pharmacy.

As part of an ongoing relationship with the Hospital, IKM architects were retained to coordinate and design a new specialty pharmacy for WVU Medicine. The Hospital enlisted market analysts to confirm the viability of expanded components such as injection training, individual counseling, group education and other outpatient-based services. Once the program was complete, the IKM design team proceeded engaging administrators, key stakeholders and other user groups to design a new facility focusing on efficient flow patterns. Those flow patterns analyzed product flow into and out of the facility as well as staff flow in formulating, packaging and quality control of the product. The new 12,500 square foot facility provides all of the functionality the Hospital identified as essential as well as allows for various levels of security related to the product flow of regulated substances.

An additional component was patient education. Space was designed to support training and advocacy so that patients and medical professionals could be educated regarding the appropriate utilization and application techniques associated with various new specialty drugs.

IKM engaged the stakeholders in an iterative, interactive design process utilizing 3D imagery to facilitate discussion and support appropriate decision making that fulfilled the project goals while creating a pleasant work environment.

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