WVU Healthcare, Children’s Hospital at Ruby Memorial

Location: Morgantown,  WV
Completion: 2015
Services: Architecture

The WVU Healthcare Children’s Hospital is a hospital within a hospital as it is embedded with Ruby Memorial Hospital.  That arrangement has proven difficult for the Children’s Hospital to create the distinct brand experience that they desire for their customers.

One then enters into “the child of West Virginia Experience”.  Utilizing interior design to celebrate the familiar elements of West Virginia:  bridges, streams, rock outcroppings, and forested mountainsides interspersed with interactive video/electronic components lead the visitor to dedicated express elevators.

These elevators deliver the guest to the sixth floor where the theme continues and leads to a relocated reception, play and waiting area.

The vision for this work is to create a welcoming, familiar place that demystifies healthcare and celebrates childhood and West Virginia in a manner that promotes an interactive memorable experience.