IKM Architects Celebrate the Holidays

IKM Architects Celebrate the Holidays

In Office Festivities Get Carried Away and Reflect the Festive Office Culture

On Friday, December 19, the IKM staff gathered briefly to take a break from the serious work of architecture, planning and interior design to spend some quality time celebrating the holidays. Who says bow-tie wearing architects are “more” stiff than engineers, lawyers or accountants?

Organized by the IKM “Social Cohort,” comprised of Megan Gallina, Mindy Coblentz, Cheryl Marlatt, Jason Hindes, Bob Bailey, Mark Brandfass, Cameron Logan, Rachel Sleighter, Katelyn Rossier, and Robin Engel, the day’s events include Eat All Day, White Elephant Gift Exchange, Ugly Sweater Contest and Best Decorated Cubicle Contest.

The Eat All Day tradition began at IKM nearly 18 years ago, when then Executive Secretary and party-animal extraordinaire, Mari-Louise Rannow, suggested the tradition of Food Fête, a festival or celebration of food. This year’s menu features breakfast, lunch and dessert treats such as sausage-bacon-egg casserole, specialty coffee, turkey-black-bean-chili, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, fruit salad, pizza dip, and a selection of cookies and cakes for all day grazing.

The White Elephant Gift Exchange occurs annually and has been around the IKM offices for about 10 years and provides a rousing competition of “who ends up with the best gift” from a variety of re-gifted,  thrift-store, and or dime-store selections some of which may include tchotchke items, sculptural or framed artwork, ‘as-seen-on-tv’ items/apparel, and or cheap liquor. This event is not to be outdone by the ugly sweater modeling.

The Ugly Sweater Contest began only a few short years ago and became an instant hit. Fueled by social media and the innate competition to out-do your coworker, principals to intern staff participate in finding and creating the award-winning ugliest sweater. Last year’s competition became the video holiday wish from the office with superb ‘runway’ modeling by male and female staff alike. It is a must-see event so watch for details on the IKM Facebook page and IKM Twitter account.

New this year, replacing the Seinfeldesque Festivus celebration, IKM is spicing up the In-Office Holiday Festivities with a Best Decorated cubicle contest. Entries include a rendition of the North Pole, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” Keep Calm and Christmas On, Elegant but Understated, and what looks like a replica Christmas tree sales lot called “Winter Storm of Lights.”

Surprisingly, little or no alcohol is imbibed and fun and laughter can be heard at desks and in the hallways of the office throughout the day. So, if you called and happened to get our voice mail, we hope you will indulge us these few hours of camaraderie.  We are happy to share this little bit of office culture with you and welcome the opportunity to hear about your office celebrations.

Visit our Facebook page to see a photo gallery of images from the day. including decorated cubicles!