IKM Declares #TakeOverTuesday a Success

IKM Declares #TakeOverTuesday a Success


IKM’s graduate architect, Daniel Snider, volunteered to be the first entrant for IKM’s Instagram TakeOverTuesday, on Tuesday, September 6; the day after the long Labor Day holiday weekend.

A veteran Instagrammer, Snider elected to share photos of a project that he has labored on for the past 17 months, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre addition, named the Byham Center for Dance. Snider shared two exterior photos of the new facility, a sleek detail shot and a beautifully lit photo of the new entrance. He also shared a playful photo of a resident praying mantis who has literally been hanging around the construction site for a few weeks.



Snider has served on the IKM team for the Ballet project by detailing the exterior design, overseeing completion of the construction document set, and providing construction administration. His motivation to participate in the IKM “TakeOverTuesday” activity, and to be first, was to share his project with the larger audience that Instagram commands. His pride for the stunning project is evident in the quality of photos he shared.

His posts alone led to a 12% organic increase in IKM’s followers in just one day, and the posts generated 39% more interaction with the Instagram audience.

For the newly created IKM Instagram account, @ikminc, the corporate communications strategy team proposed implementing #TakeOverTuesday of the account. Each Tuesday for the remainder of 2016, one IKM staffer will take over the account and share posts for the day. Be sure to follow IKM on Instagram (and Twitter) @ikminc.