IKM’s State of the Firm

IKM’s State of the Firm

IKM’s president, John Schrott, AIA, sported a dapper bow tie as he addressed the more than forty professional and administrative staff regarding the overall health of the organization. This sixth annual “State of the Firm” address focused on IKM’s:  marketing and business development efforts, HR related issues, information technology updates, QA/QC advancements, efforts in sustainable design, financial performance details and operational goals moving forward.  The assembly of the staff is an opportunity to share what the firm has accomplished over the previous year and to layout some of the broader goals and objectives for the next twelve months.

“When people say ‘Pittsburgh Architect,’ we want them to think IKM,” said Schrott noting that the 112-year old firm is one of the largest firms in the city that remains independent of a larger parent company.

Looking forward to a 2017 first quarter move to the 22nd floor of 11 Stanwix Street, Schrott updated the staff on the process undertaken by leadership to identify and select a new office location. Recalling the first of several recent office-wide charrettes about how we work and how we want to work in the future, he relayed the importance of searching for and finding a space that would foster collaboration. Noting also that the majority of the staff felt strongly about remaining in the city’s central business district.

Schrott offered highlights of the firm’s successful QA/QC initiative and emphasized our commitment and renewed efforts to the 2030 Commitment regarding sustainability in the practice and in the projects produced by IKM. While HR comments focused on the ongoing search for talented additions to the staff, IT plans reinforced the firm’s commitment to providing the tools and technology to deliver successful projects.

The presentation highlighted a redistribution of work by market segment in the office noting that the workload was more diverse in 2015 than in 2014 and that IKM is moving in a positive direction of a more balanced portfolio providing both the benefits of interesting work for the talents of our staff and high quality projects for our clients. Strengthening our core knowledge base, refining our QA/QC, expense control, new strategic planning, presentation training and business development coaching are objectives for 2016.

The meeting closed with Schrott stating, “Increased competition in our region strengthens and refines us. We will focus on what differentiates IKM and what brings exceptional value to our clients.”