Seneca Valley Aquatic Facility

  • Harmony, Pennsylvania
  • Projected Completion Spring 2020
  • New Construction
  • 40,000 square feet

In August 2017, the board approved an agreement with IKM Architecture to design the Seneca Valley Aquatic Center.  After more than a year of thoughtful planning and working cooperatively with a core group of stakeholders, their vision was realized on Sept. 4, 2018, when initial plans and renderings were met with excitement and enthusiasm by the crowd.

“I’m very pleased with the design,” said Dr. Tracy Vitale, Seneca Valley Superintendent of Schools. “I feel very strongly about providing to our students a facility where they will learn a very important life skill.”

The current swimming facility, located in the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School, is now 54 years old. After many years of repairing the facility, it became time to address a long-term solution. As such, it has been a part of the District’s long-term facilities planning efforts, which were presented to the School Board in 2014. The facility was also a part of the District’s 2015 Feasibility Project, which was an in-depth study of the District’s facilities to address long-range planning and responsiveness.


Board members, at the time of the project’s approval, expressed their interest in the space becoming an asset to the community and look forward to the many students and residents it will attract of all ages.

“This new aquatic facility will be maximized by teachers during the instructional day, by coaches during after-school activities, and by the community in programmatic efforts for all residents,” said Ms. Heather Lewis, Athletic Director.The timeline of the project includes a design concept process that will begin in fall 2018, a ground breaking in spring 2019, and a grand opening to occur in spring 2020.

The facility will consist of a multi-purpose pool having dimensions of 115’-2” by 60’. The pool will have a movable bulkhead to allow the pool to be configured for multiple courses and fields of play.  Water depth will range from 12’ to 4’ and will accommodate training and competition for swimming, diving and water polo.

The pool will be multi-use and can accommodate several simultaneous activities, including eight lanes for competition and training and two one-meter springboards. With separation by the bulkhead, swimming and diving can take place at the same time, which the current pool facility does not support. For water polo, the pool can be configured to have an all-deep field of play. Other activities that might occur include fitness swimming, underwater hockey, instructional programs, water basketball, water volleyball, log rolling, kayaking, rope climbing, and paddleboard yoga. The temperature of the pool will be between 79 and 82 degrees.

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