Construction Begins on 11 Stanwix – New Corporate HQ for IKM

Construction Begins on 11 Stanwix – New Corporate HQ for IKM

On Friday, the staff gathered for an update, the first bi-weekly construction progress report for the new IKM office space on the 22nd floor of 11 Stanwix in downtown Pittsburgh.  IKM’s project architect in charge of construction administration of the new space, Jason Hindes, AIA, briefed the group crowded in the conference room.


Construction began toward the end of the week prior so progr ess was minimal. Demolition of existing walls and finishes are occurring at this stage, creating the blank slate of about 15,000 rentable square feet, about three-fourths of the floor for the new space.

Hindes noted with excitement and anticipation, “It is hard to believe that we will have just 8 more of these meetings before everything is completed and we are moving in to the new space.”

Not much exciting to report with specific construction only a few days old.  Hindes decided to walk everyone through some of the on-site amenities at 11 Stanwix that will be new to the staff, such as the green house, garden area for tenants to use and bocce court.


Hindes also briefly went over the floor plan to inform everyone what was in the final construction documents set, compared to what had previously been presented to the staff and then negotiated as Add Alternates with the contractors.

Samara Wheaton, IKM’s Interior Designer for the new corporate headquarters project, walked everyone through what the new desks will look like and the amenities each individual will have at their space.

At the next Construction Meeting demolition should be close to being complete, and final interior finishes will be presented for everyone to see.