IKM Takes Steps Toward AIA 2030

IKM Takes Steps Toward AIA 2030

IKM Incorporated, the Pittsburgh-based architectural firm specializing in corporate, healthcare and education design, has signed onto the AIA 2030 Commitment sponsored by the American Institute of Architects to adapt their operations and design philosophy to reflect a higher level of environmental consciousness that is critical to the future with the goal of being energy neutral in process and product by the 2030.

Microsoft PowerPoint - 2030 PresentationIn committing to the AIA 2030 initiative, IKM has acknowledged that they, as architects and individuals, have a responsibility to be good stewards and proactively make changes that will profoundly impact the future of the built environment.

IKM has taken the first step in this process by committing to reduce consumption in the workplace.

The major changes that are underway include reductions in office energy usage, inner office waste production, and fuel consumption..  Office energy use is being reduced through the implementation of occupancy sensors, personal sensor power strips and replacement of existing appliances for Energy Star rated appliances as well as use of compact florescent bulbs.

Inner office waste production is being reduced through the use of supplies made from recycled content, the implementation of an office wide recycling policy, and an individual commitment to reduce waste through actions, such as printing, photocopying, etc.

Fuel consumption is an often overlooked aspect of business that greatly contributes to current environmental issues.  IKM, however, has chosen to embrace the vast capabilities afforded by technology to reduce business travel through the increased use of email, ftp sites, and virtual meeting software.  It is understood that personal presence will still be necessary and for these occasions fuel efficient vehicles will be utilized through rental agreements and the type of corporate vehicles leased.

With the signing of the 2030 commitment IKM has chosen to take a proactive position with regard to the architect’s role in environmental issues. John Schrott AIA, President of IKM, has stated   “The future of our profession and our vital role and responsibility in creating a built environment that respects and enhances the world that we are entrusted to protect is about dedication, education, and innovation within our industry and extending that into the public realm” .

About AIA 2030

The AIA 2030 Commitment was developed by the American Institute of Architects recognizing that the global architecture and building community has an opportunity and obligation to create environmentally responsible new and renovated buildings.

About IKM

IKM is a knowledge-based architecture, planning and interior design practice founded in 1911. The firm’s portfolio exemplifies the reputation of excellence in executing high profile, high design commissions including the LEED® Silver renovation and addition to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, the University of Pittsburgh’s LEED® Gold McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and the award winning projects the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and Lancaster Orthopedic Center.