IKM Selects The Advisory Board for Healthcare Insights

IKM Selects The Advisory Board for Healthcare Insights

Shares Membership with the Most Progressive Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

March 1, 2014 — IKM Incorporated architects, the Pittsburgh-based architecture, planning and interior design firm, has joined a research membership program of The Advisory Board Company, a research, technology and consulting firm with a membership of more than 3,600 of the world’s leading health care organizations.

IKM will become a member of the Health Care Industry Committee’s research membership program for architecture firms, contributing their expertise to the already accomplished group of more than 60 architecture firms participating in the membership.

IKM’s goals for the two-year membership with the Advisory Board include increasing the firm’s knowledge-base at all staff levels in healthcare design and project delivery and increasing the firm’s visibility as an expert in healthcare design with clients and potential clients by utilizing the Advisory Board’s extensive resources in their projects.

When asked why IKM decided to become members, John Schrott, AIA, ACHA, president of the firm stated, “It really boils down to fulfilling our mission of providing informed and innovative healthcare architecture that positively impacts the world.”

Through the membership, IKM will be granted access to key tools to succeed in today’s complex health care environment. Thus, IKM will apply the revolutionary insights of the Advisory Board to their designs, helping IKM pursue its goal of making its own work the most comprehensive and innovative product on the market.

IKM is joining a membership shared by the world’s most progressive hospitals and health care organizations. The U.S. membership includes:

  • All 17 of U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 honor roll hospitals
  • More than 93% of the Leapfrog Group’s 2013 “Top Hospitals”
  • Ninety-three of the Healthgrades “100 Best Hospitals”
  • Ninety-nine of the 100 largest U.S. health systems

The Advisory Board Company will provide analytical tools, research, and peer group-driven insights that will increase IKM’s ability to serve clients more holistically using the rich field of data to help program projects for clients, to benchmark appropriate facilities, and to enhance their understanding of the business of healthcare.