IKM’s Resident Artist, Cameron Logan – Simpler Lines & Large Bold Moves

IKM’s Resident Artist, Cameron Logan – Simpler Lines & Large Bold Moves

While some of his canvases may display leftover paint from his parent’s dining room, IKM’s Resident Artist, Cameron Logan’s art is far from ordinary.  Mixing with other mediums like acrylic paint and Indian ink, Logan describes his artwork as a form of “mental meditation” that mirrors his architectural design aesthetic.

“I tend to prefer simpler lines and large bold moves in my artwork and when I design,” Logan explains. “My artwork is fairly abstract; I don’t know what the end result will be. It becomes a form of mindless expression that is open to interpretation.”

Logan often feels the urge to paint late into the evening and notes 2 AM is a frequent time of inspiration.

“I become creative when I am sleep deprived,” Logan says. However on these nights, “the next day is usually rough.”

Fortunately for the IKM office, Logan’s sleepless nights have led to a refreshing instillation with bright colors, contrasting shapes, and even some three dimensional elements.

“I don’t have a special technique,” Logan says while adding he often is repainting the canvases.


For over one and half years now Logan has been a part of the IKM team as a Graduate Architect—a position he obtained shortly after earning his Master’s degree in architecture from the Cleveland Urban Collaborative in 2013.

While Logan continues to exercise his creativity both at work and home, he feels his co-workers have much to contribute in regards to showcasing their own as well.

“We have a very talented office and I am looking forward to seeing their work in the future.”

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