InternView: Introducing our 2022 Summer Interns

2022 IKM Summer Interns
InternView: Introducing our 2022 Summer Interns

After a 3 year hiatus brought on by the pandemic, we are thrilled to welcome our two interns for Summer 2022! It’s a pleasure to restart our internship program as it gives students an opportunity to be fully immersed in their anticipated professions, and its a wonderful opportunity for our staff to engage in mentoring the next wave of professionals entering the field.

Take a moment to read on about this year’s duo, and in classic IKM fashion we’ve grilled them with our tried and true “This or That” questions!

Adam Taira

University of San Diego, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Carnegie Mellon University, Master or Architecture (2023)

Mantra: “Don’t get captured.”

My philosophy teacher would say this to us at the end of every class as a reminder to not get too tangled up in whatever is going on in your life and to step back and keep a level head in dealing with issues. It has helped me a lot to remember to have some perspective and to keep my head above water.

How do you make a difference? I am on the executive board of Carnegie Mellon’s Tricking Club, and it is a lot of fun to help promote our club, recruit new members, and collaborate with other organizations.

Stripes or Polka Dots? Aloha Shirts (I think they’re called Hawaiian shirts / resort shirts here)

Mullets or Mutton Chops? ew

Julia Roberts or Julia Child? I don’t know either of these people

New York or Chicago? Pittsburgh! (I’ve never been to Chicago and NY is just eh…)

Trace Paper or Bum Wad? What is bum wad?

Ranch or Blue Cheese? Ranch

Matthew “Ted” Struck

Miami University, Bachelor in Architecture

Washington University in St. Louis, Master of Architecture (2023)

Mantra: “We can know only that we know nothing; that is the highest degree of human wisdom”

How do you make a difference? Outside of the office I look to volunteer and support others in my community.

Mullets or Mutton Chops? Definitely Neither

Standard Shift or Automatic? Automatic

Thor or Loki? Loki

X-Box or Playstation? Playstation

Snakes or Spiders? Snakes

Jeep Wrangler or Tesla? Tesla