InternView: Introducing our 2023 Summer Interns

InternView: Introducing our 2023 Summer Interns

We are thrilled to welcome our three interns for Summer 2023! It’s a pleasure to continue our internship program as it gives students an opportunity to be fully immersed in their anticipated professions, and its a wonderful opportunity for our staff to engage in mentoring the next wave of professionals entering the field.

Take a moment to read on about this year’s trio, and in classic IKM fashion we’ve grilled them with our tried and true “This or That” questions!

Margaret Peters

La Roche University, Bachelors of Science in Interior Design

Arizona State University, Masters of Architecture (2024)

Mantra: “It’s fine to fake it ’til you make it.” – Taylor Swift

How do you make a difference? I try to spend a lot of my free time watching my nephews when I can.

House Plant or House Cat? House Cat

Mullets or Mutton Chops? Neither lol

Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? Iced Coffee

Cedar Point or Kennywood? I actually hate rollercoasters so neither lol

80’s Pop or 90’s Grunge? 80’s Pop

Parks and Recreation or The Office? The Office

Brody Ploeger

Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelors of Architecture (2025)

Mantra: Learning is a journey that never ends.

How do you make a difference? I look to inspire and improve the lives of others through architecture.

Pierogi or Pierogies? Pierogies

Halloween or Christmas? Christmas

Harry Potter or Star Wars? Star Wars

Pineapple on Pizza or Candy Corn? Candy Corn

Netflix or Hulu? Netflix

Fries on the Sandwich or Fries on the Side? Fries on the Side

Gina Wei

Washington University in St Louis, Bachelor of Science in Architecture (2021)

Cornell University, Master of Architecture (2024)


“Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure.”

I try not to set a path or a fix goal for myself, rather I see where the path takes me. I enjoy the process and try to explore as many different directions as possible.

How do you make a difference? Back home For many years I was helping my neighborhood rehoming street cats and dogs. Me and my friend built small winter houses and made signs for feeding instructions. We’d post images of them in a group chat and over social media, and people would contact us for adoption.

Sketch Paper or iPad? Sketch Paper

In-Store or Online? In-Store

Audiobook or Podcast? Audiobook

DC or Marvel? DC

Curated Playlist or Shuffle? Shuffle

Instagram or TikTok? Instagram