Meet the 2019 Summer Interns

Meet the 2019 Summer Interns

As we enter the end of June, our summer interns are starting to feel at home here at IKM. This year, we welcomed four interns into our office to work directly with project teams on a variety of job functions crucial to supporting both design work and business development. Joao Castro, Crawford Rogers, and Sarah Violi are assisting project teams as architectural interns, while Kelly Hanley is supporting the marketing department. They have all gained experience that will give them an edge as they begin their careers while developing lasting relationships with teammates, mentors, and friends. Let’s meet them now!


Joao Castro

From Natal, Brazil
Undergraduate: Miami University – B.A. Architecture

Graduate: Carnegie Mellon University– Master of Architecture


What inspired you to enter the world of architecture?

My mother is an architect and my grandfather is a contractor. Growing up around construction sites made me want to pursue architecture as a profession.

What has been your favorite project to work on?

Designing a major financial client’s lobby has given me great exposure to space planning and design that I thought I would not have as an intern – I’m very thankful for that!

What can’t you live without at your desk?

Gums and mints – they keep my mouth busy so I’m not snacking all day long 😉


Crawford Rogers

From Muskegon, Michigan
University of Cincinnati; working towards my Bachelor of Science in Architecture and plan on obtaining a Master of Architecture degree as well


What would you say to someone who is interested in interning at IKM?

IKM is a very inviting work environment that focuses on the growth of interns and encourages sociability within the firm.

What has been your favorite project to work on?

The WVUM Women’s and Children’s Hospital always has work that needs to be done!

What’s a design topic you wish you knew more about?

I hope to eventually delve into the world of sports stadium architecture.


Sarah Violi

From North Hills, Pittsburgh
Penn State University; Bachelor of Architecture


How has your experience at IKM been so far?

It’s been great! Everyone in the office has been extremely welcoming and it makes for an amazing learning environment because everyone is willing to help if you have questions. Not only that, but there’s lots of work to do so you’re always busy!

What has been your favorite project to work on?

I’ve really enjoyed working on the Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Hospital. The work I’ve been doing for this project is more on the construction side of architecture and is very valuable experience because you don’t learn this part of the profession in school.

What can’t you live without at your desk?

A notebook, pen, highlighters, and a cup of coffee!


Kelly Hanley

From Grove City, PA
Slippery Rock University; Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a concentration in Digital Media Production


What would you say to someone who is interested in interning at IKM?

To all the communication/marketing/digital media students out there, don’t overlook a company just because they aren’t a marketing or advertising firm! Lots of companies have amazing marketing departments that could use your skills. I never thought I would end up interning at an architecture firm, but it has been a great experience and I’ve learned so much!

What has been your favorite project to work on?

I would say working on designing the proposal documents. I’ve always had an interest in page layout design, so working on a proposal and coming up with different layouts and graphics while collaborating with the marketing team was awesome! I’ve also helped with updating the website, so that was pretty fun as well.

What do you hope to check off on your Pittsburgh Bucket list before summer ends?

Even though I only live an hour from Pittsburgh and my family lives down here, I don’t really spend much time in the city! There is so much I would like to do. Go to the History Center, ride the Just Ducky boat, sit at The Point. I would love to take a day and just walk around taking pictures of the city. I might have to plan a “stay-cation” in the ‘Burgh!