AHN Forbes Hospital
Operating Rooms

  • Monroeville, Pennsylvania
  • Completed March 2014
  • 2,100 Square Feet
  • Design-Bid-Build
  • $200,000 Project Value

As part of the growth and expansion project, IKM designed a new Heart and Vascular Center at Forbes Hospital. The Center features two large operating rooms designed for cardiac and other advanced surgical procedures. The design of the Center was a collaborative effort between the architects and the surgeons and cardiologists to apply IKM’s extensive knowledge-base of healthcare design and to glean from the physicians the best practices from their experiences to create a well-functioning space.

The integration of cardiac cath labs, cardiac and vascular operating rooms, and a dedicated cardiothoracic intensive care unit within the Center is unique in the collective proximity of the departments to one another. This set up allows and encourages physicians and surgeons in different specialties to collaborate, as well as provides conveniences for the patient in need of cardiac and vascular services.

Each area of the Center features technologically-advanced equipment. The two ORs were designed at 760 square feet each and have five ceiling mounts with nine booms per room holding the lights, flat screens, medical gasses, and equipment. In the ORs, the surgical team has diagnostic information such as echoes, caths, and x-rays immediately available. One of the operating rooms is equipped with a mobile C-Arm that enables Forbes to expand surgical capabilities to include endovascular-grafting procedures. Diagnostic quality images from the C-arm and the minimally invasive equipment display on the screens of the ceiling-mounted booms.  Cameras are located in the lights and at the foot of the table. The images from these cameras can be seen from other operating rooms and other hospitals within the system.

IKM, working with the project team at Forbes, developed solutions for the best locations of the components of this program to improve operational efficiencies and maximize utilization of the existing space and infrastructure. As a result, the Hospital was able to bring open-heart services online.

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