Butler Area School District
Administration Offices & Library Renovations

  • Butler, PA
  • Winter 2020
  • Renovation
  • 9,000 square feet

Butler Area School District was faced with a challenge…..multiple challenges to be exact.

The first was that their existing main office was in the center of their high school and not at the entrance where a secure vestibule was located. Students and visitors would enter the vestibule and then be directed towards the main office in the center of the facility.

Their second challenge was the fact that the current library was oversized, and technology would need to be added to the new location in order to allow for a more integrated use of the library among the student and staff populations.

The IKM design was a twofold solution to both challenges. First, the library and the main office locations were transposed – each taking the other’s position in the current school layout.  The  main office would now be located near the security vestibule making both the office and counselor’s suite more accessible for students, staff, and visitors. This also resulted in the benefit that allows a greater level of safety to be realized, in locating the offices adjacent to a secure entrance.

The original oversized library needed more group and research spaces to allow for small group learning, individual breakout spaces and included two smaller rooms to be used for independent research, group studies, demonstrations, or conferences.  Each of these spaces includes a writable surface and between the two a moveable wall that allows the two rooms to become one larger space.  The new library is more efficient for the students and allows for greater flexibility for a multitude of uses and education modalities.

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