Confidential Financial Client Office Building Lobby

  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • April 2021
  • Renovation
  • 2,400 Square Feet

As part of a larger renovation to an existing office building, the entrance experience of this building lobby was reimagined. The renovation was intended to update an uninviting 1970s-era space. The planned design of layered security that meets modern expectations was conceived and enhanced through conceptual design engagement with the Owner and Construction Manager.

This balanced the aspirational design goals with the program’s adherence to a strict project budget. The baseline design was achieved by repositioning the entrance doors, security desk, and turnstiles. The use of modern materials was paired with new lighting to help soften the entrance sequence.

Historically significant bronze doors that were positioned as remnants of a past era in the original design were carefully restored and encapsulated in glass and designed lighting. The elevator entrance doors, controls, and cabs were renovated to continue this new modern arrival into the elevator trip.

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