Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center

  • Fairlawn, Ohio
  • Completed September 2021
  • 163,000 Square Feet
  • Construction Manager
  • $70M Project Value

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center in Fairlawn, OH, functions as a hospital but serves as a destination. It draws patients from across the country who are seeking specialized orthopedic care validated by superior outcomes. The drive to customize patient experience and advance surgical innovation moved the physician-owned practice to leave space they leased from a local hospital. After decades of leaving their fate to others, the physician practice made the bold move to leverage their vast experience and reputation for orthopedic excellence to construct a new facility. The resulting 163,000 square foot specialty hospital has one central goal, to allow for physician-directed care that leads to the best outcomes for each patient. The goal was to develop a new orthopedic inpatient center that focused on patient experience and improving post-surgical outcomes. The expectation of this new facility is to redefine outcomes of orthopedic care in the region and beyond.

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center is very much a hospitality focused setting that elevates individual experience through careful spatial design and visually rich material pallets. Warm cocoa tones mix with accents of brass and deep midnight to dispel any notion that this is a typical hospital. Valet and concierge service great each guest as they move through the welcome lobby.  A comfortable human scale entices each patient to think of this as a place of healing and recovery. Patient lounges use generous windows to connect to outdoor gardens and usher light into each gathering space.  Patient rooms repeat the use of floor to ceiling glass to connect with the surrounding landscape while taking care to preserve privacy.

The patient room is more boutique lounge than bedroom. Patient rooms are filled with rich, saturated colors that recall the chocolate and brass accents from other parts of the hospital.  Sliding doors and thoughtful lighting remove the clumsy trappings that  are typical to most hospital bedrooms. Patient corridors are home to therapy spaces that embed recovery into the daily activities of the hospital stay. Adjacent practice areas make it easier for post-surgical patients to master the use of a bathtub, stair, and other accommodations necessary to safely transition home.  Seating along the corridor provide convenient resting spots for patients building their strength and coordination. The integration of therapy treatment and recovery into patient care areas accelerates the smooth return to home and normal life.

Throughout construction of this project, the collaborative, and interactive approach established by the design team was maintained. The Construction Manager, and their trades workers were welcomed into the decision-making process that guided the planning and design of the facility. When the COVID-19 pandemic arose, video conferencing technology was introduced so that meetings and virtual inspections of the work could continue. The nimble response of the project team allowed for the introduction of new communications and coordination technology that allowed work to continue and for the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center to be completed five weeks early and under the forecasted budget. The central goal of physician-directed care  has been realized in this new orthopedic hospital, producing individualized experiences for the best post-surgical outcomes.

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