PPG 6 Lobby

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Completed 2016
  • Renovation
  • 1,557 square feet

IKM was commissio­ned by Highwoods to redesign the lobby of PPG 6. There was concern that this 30-year-old interior for the primary building entrance was neither visible enough nor inviting. IKM’s solution involved a daring architectural move to alter the façade of this landmark complex by removing one of the exterior columns which stood on axis with the center of the lobby.

Project manager and designer John Keelan created a clean and simple solution that used a few bold elements. Wood panels containing linear LED lighting were used in a wall-to-ceiling wrap to add warmth to the very cool glass-metal-stone palette of the original building. Granite flooring was replaced. Lobby walls were faced with polished white glass-ceramic wall panels.

IKM designed a monolithic white reception desk to enhance the cleanness of the space. Exterior curtain wall was replaced and a new revolving door installed. IKM also worked with the client to create a signage wayfinding system that can be duplicated throughout the complex.

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