SEHA Corniche Women’s Hospital

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Ongoing
  • 800,000 Square Feet
  • $195M Project Value

Holistic healthcare for women embraces their sensitivities and thought patterns to create an environment that nurtures and engages the mind, body, and spirit in the healing and birth processes. In collaboration with the Morgan Group and Marco Graziano Design Studio, IKM designed the new Corniche Women’s Hospital to reflect the top quality and compassionate care provided to patients within.

Whether a woman is at the facility to celebrate the birth of her child or to address a medical need, this facility, located in Abu Dhabi, caters specifically to the unique health needs of women in a comfortable and inspiring environment. The exterior façade has a modern, curvilinear, and contemporary style, with a feminine mashrabiya-inspired metal veil draped preciously over the upper levels to soften the harsh glare of daylight while reflecting the character of the women within its walls.

The interior design incorporates positive distractions and customizable elements for the patient to enhance her experience. Spacious public areas and elegant finishes offer a sense of luxury and serenity accessible to all in the building.

Spread over nine floors, this new hospital replaces an existing aged facility and supports modern treatment modalities associated with an In Vitro Fertilization Clinic, Outpatient Care Clinic, ICU, Pharmacy, four Operating Rooms, fourteen large Birthing Rooms, 52 NICU Rooms, 35 Special Care Baby Unit Rooms, 28 Post-Partum Rooms, and Isolation Patient Rooms. Additionally, dedicated areas for the standalone hospital’s royal patrons are included along with integral parking, lush landscaping, and culturally appropriate amenities.

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