St. Clair Health
Dunlap Family Outpatient Center

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Completed May 2021
  • 184,000 Square Feet
  • CM-at-Risk
  • $89M Project Value

Located in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh and the fastest-growing hospital in the region, St. Clair Health has a finger on the pulse of the market and is always pursuing ways to better serve that consumer. The latest addition to the campus is the Dunlap Family Outpatient Center, a 184,000 square foot facility directly adjacent and connected to the existing Mt. Lebanon hospital. This new construction addresses the increase in demand for outpatient services that St. Clair continues to experience. The program accommodates outpatient surgery, condenses other outpatient services, and decompresses the existing building by absorbing some of its hospital-based services.

The IKM design emphasizes a holistic approach to comfort and convenience from arrival; through reception, registration, and medical visit; to departure. The most-utilized services – physical therapy, blood draw, diagnostic imaging, and retail pharmacy – are organized in a central location near the entry to reduce steps and increase convenience. Patients with frequent appointments for these types of services have the advantage of this proximity to decrease overall visit time. A monumental stair with a hanging sculptural light fixture connects the 4th floor parking lobby, 5th floor main lobby, and 6th floor procedural space and acts as an attractive orientation point for visitors. A café with locally sourced products is available off the main lobby as a respite for family members waiting for their loved ones to finish recovery or treatment.

The 6th floor operating rooms are arranged in a horseshoe layout that designates shared space in the center for sterile processing, facilitating a significant decrease in time between cases. With a high quantity of pre-/post- rooms, family members have access to a dedicated, safe space to relax and store their belongings while awaiting loved ones during procedures and recovery. Infusion bays are arranged primarily along the perimeter of the 7th floor so that every patient has a view to the outside. Family members are provided with two dedicated waiting rooms and coffee stations within the infusion center, as well as guest chairs in every bay. A pharmacy located at the center of the pods reduces the number of steps taken by staff over the course of a day.

The Dunlap Family Outpatient Center supports the next level of personalized care, offering the healthcare consumer an exceptional experience centered on convenience, efficiency, and quality. This facility provides St. Clair Health with the means to advance a new era of improved delivery of care for every patient.

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