WVU Medicine
Anatomic Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics

  • Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Completed October 2015
  • Renovation
  • 14,500 square feet

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory assists healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating patients for the hospital and surrounding region. Specialized patient testing is performed in this laboratory including flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and mass spectrometry functions. Adjacent to the molecular lab is a full service autopsy suite and morgue with 24 hour access, and quarantine and emergency response capabilities.

This project relocates these facilities from an existing location at the hospital to a newly acquired offsite building location, requiring a complete gutting of this building to accommodate these functions.

Workflow diagrams were analyzed and responded to, assuring efficiencies in adjacencies of critical pathways. Flow of specimen, doctor, clinician, courier, and more were considered to reduce travel distances and provide a lean design. Finishes matching the needs of each area were specified including  stainless steel casework, resinous flooring, sealed light fixtures, etc. as conditions warranted. The facility maximizes use of daylighting and bounced daylight to ensure maximum natural daylight exposure.

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