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Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab and Wellness Gym

As part of the new Heart program, WVUM needed a new Cardiac and Pulmonary rehab gym to support the clinical efforts of the Heart and Vascular Institute.  The hospital also has a well-utilized wellness program for the staff, fellows and administration.  To better accommodate the shared schedule of both staff and clinical populations, this facility serves both the patient population as well the employee wellness program.

WVUM wanted a cool and modern facility for everyone to heal and grow.  The space consists of a large gym area with a variety of equipment, a reception area with super-graphics, towel bar, locker and toilet rooms, and office and conference areas.

Because ICUs sit above and below the gym, it was imperative for the space to be insulated for sound.  The solution was to use a raised and insulated floor system and a ceiling system suspended on sound isolation clips.  In addition to the floor and ceiling treatment, dimensional sound clouds were used to absorb the reverberation within the space.

This project demonstrates that two separate populations are able to share a space in harmony, and with some design foresight, can serve each group with a contemporary home to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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