IKM Architecture – Preparing for a New Normal

IKM Architecture – Preparing for a New Normal

Let’s Get Started – “Planning for Re-Entry”

As recognized leaders in Healthcare Design, K-12 Education and Workplace, IKM Architecture is pleased to announce services that will assist you with your re-entry strategies.  The scope of this planning exercise is flexible and will to be tailored to your specific market, keeping in mind that all facilities spaces are different but the need for all to follow local, state, and national protocols will apply. IKM’s leadership and staff are currently poised to assist you in your re-entry strategy, no matter the level of assistance you may need.

Questions Asked and Answered

Each client and facility type are going to have very different questions.

  • What will the office look like?
  • How will we plan for circulation?
  • What will my waiting room experience be like?
  • How do we know what to plan?

IKM Architecture is the partner that works with you to develop an architectural plan that can be executed. That is why it is so important to have a partner that has the experience to draw from for multiple design types, Healthcare, Education and Workplace alike, and that is what IKM Architecture brings to you.

How Do You Get Started?

Please feel free to reach out to each of the following Thought Leaders that are ready to help you with your re-entry strategy. Each of the services outlines as well as the Thought Leader contact is listed below.

Ambulatory Car

Tami Greene | AIA | Principal | Ambulatory Care | tgreene@ikminc.com                                                            

K-12 Education

Matt Hansen | AIA | NCARB | Principal | K-12 Education | mhansen@ikminc.com

Workplace | Commercial

Workplace | Commercial | Pittsburgh

Joel R. Bernard | AIA | NCARB | LEED | Principal 

Workplace | Commercial | Cleveland

Jonathan M. Lusin | AIA | LEED AP |  Principal