IKM Extends its Mission through Work with Leadership Pittsburgh at the Environmental Charter School

IKM Extends its Mission through Work with Leadership Pittsburgh at the Environmental Charter School

IKM’s managing principal architect, John Schrott, AIA, AHCA, a current member of the Leadership Pittsburgh, Inc. (LP) Class of 2012, brought his knowledge and expertise of architecture and sustainable design to his learning initiative group project at Pittsburgh’s Environmental Charter School.

The Leadership Pittsburgh program is a nine month program for established senior leaders that joins a group of approximately 60 established professionals from every walk of life, to learn and to inspire positive change in the Pittsburgh community, in the workplace, and in their spheres of influence.

After examining several options for a group learning project Schrott’s breakout LP-team along with Charter School Administrators decided on incorporating a Light-Shelf project into the facility as a scientific experiment to increase day-lighting in the classroom.

A light shelf is an architectural element that allows daylight to penetrate deep into a building. This horizontal light-reflecting overhang is placed above eye-level and has a high-reflectance upper surface. This surface is then used to reflect daylight onto the ceiling and deeper into a space. Architectural light shelves have been proven to reduce the amount of artificial lighting in a building

IKM’s mission is to create innovative and informed architecture that positively impacts the world through understanding, exploring and deciding.

In his work with the LP Class and the group project, his team sought to “positively impact the lives of the students,” by improving their classroom environment with natural light, according to Schrott.

In the following video, Schrott, a 30-year professional architect and managing principal of the 100-year old Pittsburgh-based firm, IKM Incorporated, talks about his group’s work with the Environmental Charter School at Frick Park teaching the students about day-lighting the classroom with light shelves.